Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The mourning of a Legend: Farewell Nate...

Today isn't a day of glory; it's a day of sadness.

One of the best builders in sci-fi, beloved parent & husband, and friend of many, Nate Nielsen aka nnenn, died earlier this month involved in a car accident. Nate is survived by his beloved wife and two sons ages 3 and 8. As a resident in Washington, he was best known as a beloved father and husband, and an skilled artist, and also a professor specialized in graphic design. Although Nate was an adult, he certainly had a passion for LEGO; a passion few had, and shared with other builders from all ages.

I never had the chance of personally meeting him, nor exchanging any letters with him. Sadly, it was lost chance that I never had the chance of expressing my good opinion toward his designs: sleek, potent and very fluent with the combination of colors and shapes. His creations were, truly, the best creations of Sci-Fi I've ever seen in my young, yet long life. Even though his fame preceeds his reputation, he shall never be forgotten. As for the AFOL and TFOL community, nnenn will never die for he will live forever among us.

As for now, the Brothers Brick is announcing they will organize a BrickCon fair in his honor; many of the most prominent builders (AFOL) shall attend for paying tributes for the long-lost builder. And in Flickr, many TFOL and AFOL are mourning of the passing of one the best builders in the world; many people have began expressing their sorrows toward his death.

Rest in Peace nnenn... will never be forgotten.


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