Thursday, November 18, 2010

Type 36 JSDF Arm Suit

Type 36 JSDF Arm Suit, originally uploaded by Lord Dane.

Inspired by this, Lord Dane tried to make the likeness of the mecha; I believe he did passed much on "epicness" :D

Damn, how does a minifig would fit in there!?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kayotech™ UD-S Un.001

Kayotech™ UD-S Un.001, originally uploaded by Ironsniper.

Flickr member Ironsniper (Chris) made this wonderful underwater mecha (or "suit" as he prefers).

Dang! I never thought that there would be use for that harpoon; really gives the underwater touch, plus the small robotic "arms" down there.

Feel free to give a look, it's damn cool.


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Teddy Bear Gundam

Teddy Bear Gundam
Originally uploaded by polywen
Flickr builder Polywen (Paul) made this fantastic Gundam mecha using a teddy bear for main piece. Even I didn't knew about that.