Saturday, June 20, 2009

Frequent Answered Questions (moved)

So then, for our frequent visitors:

¿Can you help me build this, plzz?
A= No, I'm not helping, no matter how many z's you put on plz.


Wow, this is great; can you help me make one?
A= I could give you some tips for working on.


Can I join your blog?
A= No, you can't. We are currently inviting high-Exp. builders.


Which is your email?
A= I am not giving one, since mostly I got annoyed by spammers.


Can you tell me how you make your mechs?:
A= Well, considering that Im short of pieces right now, I always try to build what I can using some of imagination and patience. It's always futile to get a piece and you don't know where or how.

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