Saturday, June 20, 2009

One-Man Hell!

AGH! I wasn't prepared for this one! Alex Ruiz is trying to take me down with his Recon Ship (or Recon Shit...jk)!!! Better show it before it blows me up! *keeps running on field* AAAGH!!!

Obviously I didn't expected that!


Is that a treasure chest or a bomb with a shape of a chest?

Something worthy

Hey people, I'm back with new content: The Blue Serenity 1.0 by my friend Phaze, a 12-year-old builder with a great talent over lego! Like I say: creativity isn't the key, it's the determination.

Frequent Answered Questions (moved)

So then, for our frequent visitors:

¿Can you help me build this, plzz?
A= No, I'm not helping, no matter how many z's you put on plz.


Wow, this is great; can you help me make one?
A= I could give you some tips for working on.


Can I join your blog?
A= No, you can't. We are currently inviting high-Exp. builders.


Which is your email?
A= I am not giving one, since mostly I got annoyed by spammers.


Can you tell me how you make your mechs?:
A= Well, considering that Im short of pieces right now, I always try to build what I can using some of imagination and patience. It's always futile to get a piece and you don't know where or how.

News: Network Error...

Wait...what the!?

Yes...there has been a network error within some files I posted on my older blog The Foundry MX. Now some of my archives are with no link and can't change them. So them I'm moving all my previous entries right here. Sorry for any inconvenients.